Underclocking/Lowering TDP on Intel chips

Capturing articles here for this journey to underclock my 11700K for NAS duties. It’s a mix of posts that helped me piece together some of what’s going on with CPUs.

Found a very good deal on an i7-11700K and wanted the more modern QuickSync so I jumped on it. Coming from an i7-10700, which is already power-watt-hungry, I wanted to look how to make the K-variant a little less hungry. The 10700 was an odd CPU in that it pulls the same power as the 10700K despite having a much lower TDP. So I’m used to the power pull on the 10700, but the 11700K looks even worse. I don’t need the extra compute juice, so I’m considering lowering the TDP.

I’m working with the Z590-A and you can read about my jump in Going modern - Intel 10th gen All-in-one. You can find the manual here. The notable page:

What I went with in my bios: