Requestr + Ombi + Sonarr + Radarr

This is the start of my Requestr + Ombi + Sonarr + Radarr guide.

Requestr is a Discord bot that can interact with users in a Discord server and relay requests to Sonarr/Radarr or Ombi. Requesting works for Movies and TV Shows and for each you can specify whether Requestr should work with Ombi or Sonarr or Radarr. As of now, if you have Radarr enabled you can not enable Ombi for Movies and the same goes for Sonarr & Ombi.

Requestr is a great tool but it has some shortcomings; namely, it does not have any notification options for the admin. If someone requests something and you are using Requestr + Sonarr, for example, you won’t get any notifications of a request or a fill, if you have auto-fill enabled. This is mostly true. If you set up Requestr to only allow requests from within a channel then you can scroll through the channel history to see the requests. I found that to be less than ideal. And I had set up private, Direct Message, request abilities in Requestr which means as an admin I am fully out of the loop. The only place you can see the requests, filled or not, is in Sonarr or Radarr and by looking through wanted / history. One suggestion by the author of Requestr was to create a tag for things coming from Requestr and then to filter by that tag. Again, that felt like polling when I wanted a push (notification).

One of the best features of Requestr is that the entire bot works around webhooks and does not require you to open up any services on your local network to the public Internet. That’s a win in my book and worth offering up this service via Discord. The way Requestr works is that it runs a bot service on your NAS, or whatever machine you wish, and then receives information via push webhooks; so it has access to your network and can integrate seamlessly with Sonarr & Radarr & Ombi.

I opted to put Requestr in front of Ombi. I like Ombi’s request interface, history, and notifications. It’s robust and is improving quickly. I also don’t expose Ombi to the public Internet so there’s that. It’s just for me. I’m running Ombi v4.0, for what it’s worth, alongside Sonarr V3 and Radarr V3. Ombi v4 works with Radarr v2 and v3.

In the following diagram, I am highlighting the flow of information and the way I have configured Requestr to work with Ombi, Sonarr, and Radarr. It’s important to note that you can set this up numerous ways. You could skip Ombi altogether, you could require Requestr requests in public channels only, you could skip the #Newly-Added. For me, I took this as an opportunity to make Discord a bit more of a hub so I added in the #Newly-Added webhook notifications from Sonarr & Radarr. Neither are really necessary but not all content comes from Ombi or Requestr and I wanted a stream of new content regardless of its origination. I also disabled Requestr from posting publicly when a request was filled, for privacy reasons, and instead have Requestr send a Direct Message. Finally, I turned off most of the notifications in Ombi around request filling and just have a Request Made notification sent to an admin channel for my own tracking.

Dashed lines means information is flowing back to Discord.