QuickSync Box (QSB) on Budget: Hardware Transcoding

QuickSyncBox Discussion Thread https://www.reeltalk.club/index.php/2020/06/13/quicksync-box-qsb-on-a-budget-hardware-transcoding/

As an example of a good buy:

It’s an 8th gen 2c/4th CPU w/ 16GB of ram, working w/ cables. Asking $209 with an OBO and free shipping. I would go in with an offer around $150-160. What I like: most of these small systems sell with a kaby lake (7th) gen CPU + 4GB of ram for $100. Here you’ve got 16GB of ram so you’re really opening up options; you’ve also got one of the more powerful pentiums and the extra 2 threads which come in handy for audio transcoding or things the iGPU can’t take on. The form factor is also nice in these more modern build; you can throw in much better CPUs in the future if you want. It also has 2 PCI slots (x1 and x16) and a M.2 PCIe x4 2280/2230 Combo (for storage) slot.

The target price for a solid QuickSync box is around $200 all-in, so this option around $150-160 leaves you $50 towards storage and you’re good to go.