Quick guide on how to setup Plex Meta Manager (unraid)

I recently started using Plex Meta Manager to costumise my movie collections more then Plex can do itself.

In this quick guide i will show how i have set it up to hopefully help you get started. The wiki is very indepth and can be pretty complicated if you get started.

There are a lot of features i haven’t tried and/or setup yet, so please share anything i havent explained!

I am running unraid and have it installed through the Community Applications searching docker hub.

Not shown in the screen shot but i added --run in the Post Arguments: which will run the script without interaction and not a schedule. You can add other Shell Commands in there found here.

Also i am not sure if adding a path to your media library is needed, but i have done it anyway in Read Only mode.

Once the container is pulled onto the system we need to create and setup the Configuration File and Metadata Files

The Configuration File will have all the sources it can pull data from and Metadate Files is for the collections you want to make.

This is my Config.yml and Movies.yml. These can be place into the main appdata directory.

I can advice to create the Configuration File first and pull all it necessary information.
To setup Trakt and MAL you want to run the container in CLI and follow the details in the logs.

The Collections Attributes can be very comprehensive, but i tried to keep it fairly simple.
By using Templates you can reduce the size of your Movies.yml greatly. I use plex_search and tmdb information for my templates.

Once you have set both files up it is time to test and enjoy your enhanced Collections!

This will be it for now, but planning to refine this guide and add more features once i have build them in myself!

If you have any questions, please ping me on discord!

Wow this looks awesome! Looking forward to diving in.