mATX LGA1200 sleeper Dell OEM motherboard

I stumbled on this interesting LGA1200 motherboard: Dell Motherboard - Intel W580 - LGA1200 - DDR4 SDRAM NDYHG. Starting a thread to capture more information.

What makes this board initially interesting is that it can be found from $45-80 in pristine condition (used). It’s mATX. It has many features you’d want for a router build, NAS build, and/or small compute server.

It has the W580 chipset, which is the same server board chipset used in the SuperMicro x12sca-5f. This chipset supports 10th, 11th (with BIOS to be verified) and W-Xeon chips. It comes with 3 M2 slots alongside ~20 lanes of PCIe slot bandwidth. And it’s mATX.

These boards are used in the Dell Precision 3650 Workstations.

They support standard 24-pin ATX PSUs with 8 pin extra CPU power. And have standard headers via the Service Manual:

1 E24 connector
2. Optional 2.5 GbE RJ-45 connector
3. Processor power connector
4. E25 connector
5. System fan connector
6. Chassis Intrusion Detection connector
7. Memory module slots
8. Power button connector
9. System board power connector
10. SD card connector
11. Front panel USB connector
12. Front panel USB-C connector
13. Front panel USB power connector
14. Cion cell battery
15. SATA 0 (blue), SATA 1 (white), SATA 2 and SATA 3 (black) connectors
16. M.2 PCIe SSD connector 3
17. System fan connector (front)
18. Thunderbolt 4 AIC connector
19. E20 connector
20. E23 connector
21. CAC_PIV power connector
22. P30 connector
23. Power button connector
24. Hard drive fan connectors
25. Front panel audio connector
26. Internal speaker connector
27. M.2 PCIe SSD connector 2
28. Full Height PCIe x4 slot (open-ended)
29. PCI-32 slot
30. Full Height PCIe x16 slot 1
31. M.2 PCIe SSD connector

NOTE: This slot is only operational with 11th Generation Intel Core i5/i7/i9/Xeon-W processors.

  1. Processor fan connector
  2. Processor socket
  3. Optional video card connector
  4. USB-C connector

Does it throw any power-button related errors when used in a non-Dell chassis? I have a Dell Precision T3630 motherboard in a DIY system that requires me to hammer F1 every time I power it on.

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After I got one of these to test, I could not even get it to POST with onboard video. I did not have a spare GPU to test with. So I returned it. I will revisit it one day… but darnit, looked like a special deal.