EPYC Upgrade

Upgrade log for my move to an EPYC build. My original intention was to move to a medium-to-high core count system that brought back IPMI to my main server. I previously lost IPMI in moving to a consumer board + i7-11700K build. You’ll see column (G) is a SuperMicro board that would bring back IPMI without requiring the switch to ECC DDR4 ram or a new CPU. Ultimately, I opted for an entirely new build.

I ended up going with individual parts vs eBay combos. It turned out that would be cheaper. I also factored in eBay cashback and the value of selling my i7-11700K build. Finally, I factored in the power difference (estimated to be 25w per year at $1/w/year) over 2 years) out of curiosity.

Item EPYC H12 Actual Price w/ Tax Retailer Notes
CPU 7282 EPYC $90.00 $98.33 eBay $90 Best Offer
CPU Cooler ARCTIC Freezer 4U-M $45.00 $70.00 Amazon Came with thermal paste. (5% cash back)
Motherboard H12SSL-I $520.00 $541.00 Amazon New. (5% cash back)
RAM (128GB 3200Mhz) $160.00 $227.24 eBay
GPU Intel ARC A380 $120.00 $111.00 NewEgg TikTok (NewEgg)
Inital Cost (estimate) $935.00 $1,047.57
eBay Cash Back -$50.00 -$50.00 Spend $150 get $50
11th gen build -$470.00 -$470.00 Full build sale
Price $415.00 $527.57

* Initially, I went for a CPU cooler that was $40-50, but I wasn’t confident in the eBay order. I tried via Amazon, and they sent the wrong cooler. I ended up ordering the Arctic, and I am happy I did. I also estimated my RAM pricing to around 2666MHz speed RAM, but a friend suggested getting the max my combo supported, which was 3200MHz, so I went for it. And I discovered that you could get up to $20 off buying things from NewEgg via their TikTok shop and could grab the A380 for $20 less.

Some other various parts:

Item Price Retailer
8 Pin Power Extension $7 Amazon
Arctic MX-6 Thermal Paste $11 Amazon

Reserved space for future use