Best TV Shows to watch in 4K

Here we will list the best TV Shows to watch on your new shiny 4k tv so you can take full advantage of your new gadget. Please feel free to share your reccomendations below:

1. Planet Earth II

2. Formula 1: Drive to Survive

3. Altered Carbon

4. Star Trek: Discovery

Daredevil, game of thrones

I tend to watch any shows with fast paced action scenes, or bigger budget Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows in 4k, or period pieces. Action shows just for bitrate (especially Netflix), Sci Fi/Fantasy/Period Pieces because they tend to put a lot of literally small details into sets, costumes, and even extras in the background.
Outside of these categories I generally don’t think shows usually need to be viewed in 4k, but I will usually grab 4k releases of a show I’m really liking regardless.

Also I don’t think Star Trek: Discovery was actually released in 4k, but Strange New Worlds definitely was and you should watch that instead.