[USA-NE] [FS] External USB Hard Drives

I have the following external hard drives for sale. These come from a clean, smoke-free home and have been formatted. All drives passed SMART testing via CrystalDiskInfo. Please see the screenshots for each drive.

My heatware is under NobleX13. I also have feedback on the /r/hardwareswap and /r/homelabsales subreddits.

I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Prices include shipping within the USA.

Items for sale:

  • Western Digital MyBook 8TB - SOLD! - Used for external game storage on a PS5 pro.
  • Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Hub - $120 shipped - Used for external game storage on an XBOX One X. XBOX-branded
  • Western Digital RED 8TB - $100 shipped - This is a drive I purchased secondhand two years ago. Once I got it I installed it in a Rosewill USB 3.0 enclosure. It has worked well this way. Discounted slightly because of the drive’s age.
  • Seagate Expansion 4TB - $70 shipped - Got this off the clearance rack at Walmart recently. Lightly used.
  • 2x Seagate 5TB SMR - $100 shipped for BOTH - These drives are 5+ years old and are currently installed in recycled Western Digital enclosures from some 8TB drives I shucked a long time ago. While these are SMR drives, they have been reliable for me.